What’s so great about orthodontics with the Damon System?

     The Damon System is truly a new, innovative, results driven orthodontic treatment system that is revolutionizing orthodontic treatment. So what’s the difference between the damon system and traditional orthodontic brackets?

      The tie-less design of the damon bracket means there is almost no friction between the bracket and the archwire. Now an orthodontist can apply extremely low and gentle forces to teeth and get the desired tooth movement. People with extremely crowded teeth used to routinely be treated with orthodontics that requried surgery or the removal of teeth. The light biologically friendly forces used in the damon system allow the hard and soft tissues of the face to remodel and often allow corrections without extractions! The proof is in the results that are being seen every day. It is worthy to note the key benefits of the Damon System:

  1. fewer extractions
  2. less occasions that require headgear or palatal expanders
  3. fewer number of appointments
  4. shorter overall treatment time
  5. lighter forces (which means less discomfort)
  6. tie-less design is easier to keep clean and has less friction
  7. improved oral hygiene means less decalcification and cavities during treatment


Lets look at some of our patients and their results…

 This young man’s parents brought him to me for evaluation only after two other orthodontists wanted to extract his teeth because of the crowding. After careful examination of the patient and his diagnostic records I treatment planned the patient for treatment without extractions. Here are some pictures of the crowded area of his mouth in only the first 9 months! See his progress starting on the left side of the picture. Pay special attention to the space made for his impacted tooth!

Blog-Patient B

 _ _ _ _ _

 A patient with a Class II Deep Bite is often traditionally treated with extractions or jaw surgery. With the damon system we are often able to preserve or improve the facial profile by avoiding the extraction of teeth and still correcting the bite.

The next patient’s upper jaw is ahead of his lower jaw and his lower front teeth bite too far up behind his upper front teeth. His facial profile would be compromised with the extraction of teeth and surgery was not an option for this patient. His difficult case was treated with the damon system in less than 2 years with optimal results:


Class II Deep Bite
Class II Deep Bite
David was extremely happy with his smile and said that we changed his life!!

David was extremely happy with his smile and said that we changed his life!!

_ _ _ _ _ _

The following adult female did not want extractions or surgery to correct her overjet. See the amazing difference to her face and teeth!


Class II Adult with 4mm overjet

Class II Adult with 4mm overjet

Great results with the Damon System!

Great results with the Damon System!

Every day patients are seeing outstanding results. They tell us how happy they are and that we have changed their lives! Don’t just take our word for it, see what our patients are saying by reading their testimonials! It’s exciting! Come to Bruner Orthodontics and see what we can do for you!

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Bruner Ortho Blog: What’s so great about orthodontics with the Damon System?

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